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Zen Life Naturals Customer Rewards

zen life naturals rewards

We value and appreciate each one of our customers.  To show just how much we care, we’ve put together a customer rewards and loyalty program to say thank you for choosing us for your natural products and accessories.

The Zen Life Naturals Customer Rewards program offers a variety of ways for you to earn ‘Zen Points’ which can be redeemed in the form of products, gifts, discounts and other unique offerings still to come.  Getting started with our rewards program is easy.  Simply register for an account on our website and you’ll automatically receive 1 point for every dollar spent with your first order.   



1 pt per $1


100 zen pts

*Limit 2 reviews – you may feel free to provide us with additional reviews, however, the maximum amount of points we can grant for reviews is 200. Thank you!*

100 Zen Points earned is equal to $5 to use with purchases on our website. As an example, if you accumulate 500 Zen Points, you'll be able to redeem $25 for a purchase.

To Redeem your points, make sure you’re logged into your account with your next order. On the checkout page, you will be asked if you’d like to redeem your points with the current order.

*Zen Points expire after 3 years and do not hold any cash value.* Please contact us with any questions.

refer a friend for free kratom powder

Existing Customers – we’ll send you 50g kratom powder of your choosing as a special thank you for your kind referral!

How to Refer A Friend to Zen Life Naturals

To refer a friend and be eligible to receive the free 50g kratom powder, your friend will need to write your name in the order notes section of their Zen Life Naturals order during checkout. They can order anything in our online store, but we require that their order total at least $10 or more. Once their order is received, we will contact you to ask what type of kratom powder you would like for your free 50g and to confirm your shipping address. 

If your friend says they have placed their order, but you have not heard from us, we encourage you to reach out to us to make sure that we did indeed receive your referral in the system. Sometimes people forget to write the referral in the notes and then we have no way of knowing you referred them to us.

Additionally, you can reach out to us to let us know if you’ve referred anyone recently or are planning to refer a customer –from there, we will get your free 50g kratom powder processing for you.

Referral Conditions Apply

Some conditions apply. We cannot accept any referrals to the same address as your own. Again, the person you refer must place an order totaling $10 or more to receive your free 50g kratom powder. We will ship your free 50g within a weeks time of receiving the referral. We will ship your order with whichever shipping carrier we deem to be appropriate unless we work out another arrangement with you.