Zen Mellow Kava Root Powder – 70% Basal 30% Lateral


Zen Mellow is our ultimate “chillout” kava — It’s an awesome choice for lazy afternoons, chill hangouts with friends, deep meaningful conversations, amazing feel-good sessions with the right music and gentle body relaxation

Made with 70% Basal roots and 30% Lateral roots – Basal roots are known to help provide a strong body relaxation and lateral roots are known for promoting calming effects within the mind – so this is a great choice for overall body relaxation plus mind calming!


Size – 1/2 Pound or 1 Pound

Earn up to 53 Zen Points.


Kava powder is often used as a natural anxiety reliever.  It is said to help with stress maintenance and social anxiety.  Kava powder is often consumed as a drink when mixed with water or other liquids.

Additionally, kava is growing in popularity as an alternative to alcohol. It is not a good idea to pair kava and alcohol so many persons will drink kava to prevent themselves from drinking alcohol.  Kava has a relaxing effect and many report feeling good with an overall mood boost so for them it can be a nice alternative to the effects they are used to with alcohol.

*Packaging may vary from the pictures shown

Kava powder will come as a fine, soft powder

One brewing recommendation card will be included for free!

We suggest brewing your kava with a liquid that has a high fat content such as coconut milk as it helps to bind to and activate the kavalactones in the kava powder making the effects more powerful.

{If you have never tried kava before, it is normal to feel a numbing sensation on your lips and tongue when drinking kava beverages}

Additional information

Weight 250 g

Half Pound, 1 Pound


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