About Us

The Magic Behind Zen Life Naturals

While our website recently launched in January 2020, the entire Zen Life Naturals team has been living, working and enjoying the amazing botanical products we sell, for many years. We’ve witnessed first-hand, the positive effects our products can provide for both individuals and communities. 

Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, we live and work in what is known as the ‘kava bar capital of the world’ as there are more kava bars located in our region than anywhere else on Earth.  Our unique community of kava bars has helped to nurture our knowledge of botanicals and has served to guide us along our paths away from damaging habits and depressed and anxious mind-states towards modernized, natural paths of enlightenment. 

The magic behind Zen Life Naturals is the same magic we see anytime we go for a stroll through a nature park, or spend some quiet time on the beach.  The magic is nature; this beautifully harmonized world that we’re all infinitely connected to.  Our natural botanicals (kava) provided us with the tools we needed to stop abusing alcohol — to drop the friends that were holding us back in a negative mind space –to turn our lives around and never think of going back.  

With a focus on providing our customers, family, friends, and even complete strangers with the kindness and positive vibes we believe the world needs, we hope to make it a more balanced and healthy space to thrive within now and for many generations to come. 

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It is our sincerest hope that our products and support can help direct you towards the zen lifestyle you deserve. 

~ Zen Life Naturals Botanical Team