About Us

About Zen Life Naturals

A small business in the Tampa Bay, Florida region, we’re a tight-knit group of less than 5 employees (only 2 when we first got underway) the Zen Life Naturals team has been living, working and enjoying kava, kratom and herbs for more than five years.  In that time, we’ve witnessed first-hand, the positive effects our products can provide for both individuals and communities. 

Based in Clearwater, Florida, we’re located in what is known as the ‘kava bar capital of the world’ as there are more kava bars located in our region than anywhere else on the entire planet. 

Our unique community of kava bars has helped to nurture our knowledge of botanicals and has served to guide us along our paths away from damaging habits and depressed and anxious mind-states towards healthier paths focused on living naturally, optimistically and with values of kindness and integrity that we put first. 

Peak Inside

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We’re an online store with the option to pickup at our processing facility/office.  We do not have a retail storefront, but if you do choose to pickup in person, you’ll be welcomed by a cozy zen space that is our front office.  *Free curbside pickup is also available.

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