kava powder and kava beverage

Kava is short for kava kava; a plant grown in the pacific island region of the world in places like Hawaii and Fiji due to the rich volcanic soil in that area. Kava has been consumed for hundreds upon hundreds of years for many uses, but two of the most common reasons people take kava is to help them reduce their stress levels, but also, kava may help you get to sleep more quickly and may help you stay asleep longer.

Kava is sold in a few different forms. In places like Fiji where its still consumed as part of ceremonial tradition, its made into a beverage and often drank out of a coconut shell. Kava can be purchased as a liquid beverage online and in person at places called kava bars. It also comes powdered in capsules or just as a powder for anyone looking to brew it into a drink at home.

Kava powder is always made from the root of the kava plant, never the leaves. Kava plants must mature for at least four years before being harvested for ingestion.

Kava has become increasingly well-known for its relaxing effects. Within just minutes of drinking kava, many people say they begin to notice a feeling of calm come over them. As well, people have made note of a numbing sensation on their lips and tongue just a moment after drinking kava which can be a little jarring for some people at first, but its nothing to worry about.

When made correctly, drinking kava may help you to relax both physically and mentally. The active ingredients in kava are called kavalactones and different types of kava will have varying amounts of kavalactones. To further increase the effectiveness of kavalactones, mixing in a liquid with fat content is said to help bind and potentiate with the kavalactones therefore increasing the strength of the kava effects. As such, many people will brew their kava drink with water and coconut milk.

Because kava can help to relax the body and mind, it can also be used as a natural sleep aid. Its alleviating effects may help you to calm yourself before going to sleep and once you are asleep, it may help you to stay asleep for a little while longer because your muscles will be thoroughly relaxed as well.

Life is all about connections and when we think of it this way, we may connect that kava is also a good way to reduce stress while its inducing relaxation. Stress relief and relaxation go hand in hand.

Zen Life Naturals sells kava root powder and kava straining bags for just a dollar a piece for anyone looking to easily brew kava at home. To brew your kava, we suggest a simple recipe and process consisting of:

Zen Life Naturals kava root powder


Coconut Milk

Mix 3 grams kava root powder with 12 ounces water and 1/4 cup coconut milk. Blend thoroughly and let sit together for 20 minutes while re-blending every five minutes. Then, we suggest straining your kava powder and liquid with a muslin cloth. After its strained, drink your freshly brewed kava beverage.

Kava has a strong earthen flavor that many find off putting, but its not drank for its taste, its drank for its effects. However, by adding a little chocolate syrup, or flavored juice, you will find that its quite easy to coat the taste and can in fact be an enjoyable taste as well.

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