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Writing this post in April 2022, Zen Life Naturals has been open for business a little over 2 years now. We are still a very small, tight knit business nestled in cozy, warm Clearwater, Florida. We primarily provide kratom products and other popular ethnobotanicals like kava root powder, but we’re certainly open to expanding our product line and look forward to one day offering more products and services to enrich both individuals and whole communities.


Kratom Powder

At Zen Life Naturals, our specialty, by far, is kratom powder. We carry a good-sized variety of kratom powders both in individual strains but also in our way of custom kratom powder blends which feature mixing various kratom strains in specific ratios to obtain a unique blend we find to beincredible and supportive of a healthy zen lifestyle.

We work very hard to keep consistent, high quality product not only for our customers, but for ourselves as we too enjoy kratom powder and its very much a daily participant in our lives.

In addition to kratom powder, we carry kratom in two other forms – kratom powder capsules and crushed leaf kratom. Both offer value and convenience in their own unique ways. Our customers have raved about the potency of our crushed leaf kratom and our regular customers have commented that they appreciate the consistency and convenience with our kratom powder capsules.

We are firm believers in quality over quantity; as such, our product line is far from huge. But, we find it to be perfectly adequate in offering a balanced variety in all ends of the kratom leaf color vein spectrum.

Mix N Match Kratom Pack Options

By far, our most popular product is our Mix N Match Kratom Powder Kilo Pack, and with good reason too. For one, its a really nice option to be able to select 4 different 250 gram size kratom powder bags. Secondly, we often put our Mix N Match kratom powder kilo pack on sale. Our standard retail kilo powder price is 120.00, but we often will run a really awesome special and get that price down closer to about 80-85.00. — We find that the 250 gram size is convenient for several reasons too: Its not too big and bulky to put on your countertop, but large enough to hold a good amount of kratom powder. Everyone is different, but on average, 250 grams of kratom powder will last most people for at least ten to fourteen days. It fits really nicely in our Zen Life Naturals shipping boxes too.

Whenever we ship any of our kratom products, we make sure to thoroughly and individually bubble wrap every single item to ensure the utmost in quality when your product arrives to you.

Two other great choices we offer for kratom variety packs are our Split Kratom Powder Kilo and our Kratom Powder Sample 3 pack.

Our Split Kratom Powder Kilo is exactly what the name implies – you can choose 2 kratom powders to create one kilo total. A kilo weighs one thousand grams, so this means customers who select this option receive two 500 gram kratom powders with this product. Its another nice choice for anyone looking to receive a lasting amount of kratom powder but with a bit of variety. A lot of customers will select a red vein kratom and a white vein kratom because they like red for evening and white for morning and daytime.

The 3 pack kratom powder sampler is an incredibly popular item and of course, we can understand why. First of all, at just $5 dollars retail price, its affordable. So, if you’re looking to purchase kratom powder on a tight budget, this is an option you most certainly should look into. With this product, you can select any three available kratom powders in our shop from our custom product menu. Our kratom powder samples typically weigh about 20 to 25 grams, so just a little under an ounce which is a significant amount for a sample pack!

Crushed Leaf Kratom

In addition to kratom powder, we also carry crushed leaf kratom. Also known as coarse grind, whole leaf, and loose leaf kratom. We carry red, white, and green crushed leaf kratom and currently have one custom blend (more custom blends are currently in the works and will be available this year).

What’s the difference between kratom powder and crushed leaf kratom?

There is little difference between crushed leaf and powdered kratom. The stems are included with the crushed leaf and so it is considered to be more potent than powder and of course the obvious is appearance and texture which effects space and containment–crushed leaf is dried leaf and stem cuttings and powder is a very fine soft powder. Typically a bag that is used to hold 500 grams of kratom powder can fit about 250 grams of crushed leaf kratom.

Kratom Powder Capsules

Kratom powder capsules are incredibly convenient. When going on a trip or just for going to work each day, kratom powders capsules are easy to take along with you. We carry kratom capsules in all color veins, plus we offer one of our custom blends of green and white maengda kratom known as our Zenergy! blend in capsules form. Currently our capsules are available as 50 gram bags or 100g bags. Our kratom powder capsules will pull apart with the appropriate amount of pressure to release the powder if so needed.

Ethnobotanicals and Zen Lifestyle Accessories

zen life naturals products

In addition to our kratom products, we sell noble lateral root kava powders, organic Japanese culinary grade matcha, CBD pre-rolls, CBD honey, a delightful libido boosting herbal tea blend and a few zen lifestyle accessories like our zen art prints and bamboo botanical storage containers. Sometimes, we will run a promo where we offer our zen lifestyle accessories as a free gift with purchase. Feel free to contact us to request a free gift with your order. It’s no bother; we are happy to share. 🙂

Zen Values

Part of being able to offer the high quality products and services we do comes by way of our values. We place a very high value on kindness and integrity and being making sure that we are there for people when we say we will be. If you place an order with us and have any questions or notice that perhaps we made a small error with your order, we encourage you to please reach out to us right away so that we may first, apologize to you, but second so that we may do everything in our power to quickly fix our mistake and then some. Though we wish we never made mistakes, we know that we are not perfect and sometimes errors can occur. We believe that there is significant value in how a business responds to all situations like these and for us, we feel it is an opportunity for us to shine and prove to you that we value integrity and kindness towards all.

Additionally, we care about safety and place a high value on the health and wellness of our customers and our community. We believe in treating others how we want to be treated and we empathize with our team members and customers.

We place a high value on connecting with nature and helping to support nature through out products and the choices we make.

We believe in providing an atmosphere of growth within our company. Our team members are mostly women and we believe in equal rights for women. Additionally, we are flexible and understanding and work hard to be supportive to any persons in need regardless of circumstance. For example, one of our team members is autistic; we are happy to provide accommodation and understanding to be supportive to their sensory needs and more.

Community Outreach

Over the past two years, we’ve offered support to our local and global community in a couple of different ways – both through financial offering and sharing and supporting needs through communication and understanding with individuals. We’ve made financial contributions to organizations that we find to be doing excellent work and we believe can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of many. Those organizations are listed below:

CASA Pinellas

The Nature Conservancy

Progressive People’s Action

Autism Society

American Kratom Association

Even though we started our small business just a couple months before the pandemic began, we’ve managed to survive and continue to grow. We are so very thankful and appreciative of every single opportunity we have to share our products and our services and look forward to future endeavors with amazing people.

if you have ordered with us and had a great experience with our services and products, we encourage you to please help us share our business on your social profiles and in person with friends and family and by writing us a positive testimonial in the comment section below, on a product listing, on our Facebook profile or Google listing.

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