We love kratom and strongly believe in its power for good and we want to be able to share it with as many people as possible in as many communities as possible. However we know at times not everyone can afford to buy what they need. Some months are easier than others and the cost of living keeps on increasing while unfortunately for many persons, their paycheck is not increasing to meet that need. We understand this and we do our best to work with our customers by providing a lot of sales and flexibility with our product pricing.

If you see a product you’d like but its a little out of your price range, we ask that you reach out to us, chances are, we can work with you on the cost. In the meantime, we’ve put together this running list of our kratom coupon codes.

Some of these codes can be used to redeem a site-wide discount percentage. Some kratom codes can be used to redeem free kratom powder. Other kratom coupons may be good for a buy one kratom powder get one free kratom powder offer. You will see a wide variety of options listed below. And if you come across a coupon code that you’d really like to use, but perhaps its for red bali kratom instead of red maeng da kratom or a one of our custom blends rather than our individual kratom powder strains — just send us a message via text at 727.387.5166 or an email at 4zentea@zenlifenaturals.com and let us know; chances are, we can manually make the accommodation for you so you can still redeem your kratom coupon code for a nice savings.

  1. ZENLIFEKRATOM – $3 OFF a total order of $40 or more! – Excludes kava products. 1 use per customer. Cannot be combined with other coupon codes and reward points! {Expires 12.31.22]
  2. 5OFFZENLIFE – Get 5% off your total order! Excludes all kava products. May be used once per customer – Expires on {12.31.22}
  3. FALL10ZEN – Get 10% off your total order thru Halloween (10.31.22)! May be used once per customer
  4. 3BUCKSZEN – Enjoy $3 off an order totaling at least 30.00. Limit 1 use per customer. May not be used with kava products. {EXPIRES 10.31.22}
  5. . ZENSIGNUP – Save 10% site-wide on kratom products and more. This includes matcha powder, our custom wall art, libido boost herbal tea, CBD and more. Limit 1 use per customer. May not be combined with other coupon codes. {DOES NOT EXPIRE}

Our team updates this list manually and will continue to add to it as new coupon codes become available. If you happen to be needing a coupon code for our site and do not see one listed here that you’re eligible to use, please contact us and we can get one for you to help you save on our amazing kratom products!


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