*** UPDATED ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2022 -Attention, WE NO LONGER HAVE THE MESH APP AVAILABLE TO ACCEPT CARD PAYMENTS. We have two new options available to accept card payment. Please view all of our available payment options on our Payment Methods page.

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we have recently lost our high-risk credit card processor which allowed customers to purchase kratom and CBD on our website directly. Not only did we lose our processor, but so did every other kratom vendor in the industry using this processor.

As a temporary solution, we, along with a few other online kratom vendors, have elected to proceed with implementing a new option that will allow customers to pay utilizing a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. This new option is called: MESH.

MESH is an external application which each individual customer must create an account for while on our checkout page. MESH will allow customers to load funds into their MESH account via credit card which will then be applied directly to their Zen Life Naturals order.

 Here’s How it Works:

Step 1: Place Your Zen Life Naturals Order

After you add all items to your cart, you should see the option to pay via credit card (MESH app) listed with the rest of our available payment methods. Select that option, then click okay to Terms & Conditions, followed by the Continue bottom at the bottom right portion of the checkout area. From there, you will be redirected to the MESH app where you will be prompted to register or login.

Step 2: Create a MESH account

For first-time users of the MESH application, you will need to register once and only once. Registration requires the last 4 digits of your social and your phone number.  In some cases, additional identity details will be required such as your date of birth and possibly a copy of your photo ID. The required info is only to validate your account and will not be stored.

Follow the 3 simple steps shown below: 

Step 3: 2-Step Verification

Next, you will receive a PIN code to verify your account via Text Msg 

Step 4: Load Your MESH Card

In this section, you’ll need to choose: “Buy a Load Pack”. The amount that you need to purchase will be displayed in big yellow numbers based on what was in your most recent Zen Life Naturals shopping cart.

By using your Credit Card, you will be authorizing the purchase of a ‘Load Pack’ provided by MESH. This load pack is used exclusively for the purchase of products offered by Zen Life Naturals, LLC. The load pack is securely and directly transferred to our Zen Life Naturals’ digital wallet as payment for your order.

Step 5: Send Payment to Zen Life Naturals

Click “Proceed” and follow to the next page. 

Then click “Activate and Continue”
Then click, “Complete your order”. 

Once completed, you should be redirected to the Zen Life Naturals checkout page and you should see an order received message.  You will also receive an email from Zen Life Naturals shortly after to confirm your order details. (Please always check your spam and junk mail folders for our emails).

We apologize, there are some small processing fees associated with using the MESH application that are outside of our control. If you elect to use this payment method, we will include a free kratom powder sample with your order.  Please let us know in your order notes if you prefer a specific type of kratom powder sample.

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