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With the host of known benefits inherent in each; hemp and honey have been touted as the zen masters of the natural world by many! On their own, hemp and honey can be found in most retail storefronts and online shops, but put together, hemp honey may make for a more challenging find. If you live and work or just enjoy shopping in the Tampa Bay, Florida region, hemp honey is now available for purchase at Zen Life Naturals – an online natural product store with a local pickup option in our Clearwater facility.

What is Hemp Honey?

Hemp honey, put simply is hemp mixed with honey. The combination is known to pair greatly with hot teas and sweet snacks.

Zen Life Naturals offers a full spectrum hemp extract mixed with Colorado mountain wildflower honey that is raw, unfiltered and organic. Our hemp honey is smooth with the pleasing scent of hemp and the benefits of both.

cbd infused honey hemp honey

How is Hemp Honey enjoyed?

We enjoy our hemp honey best in the evenings when we’re looking to unwind and relax after a long day. We scoop about a teaspoon of our hemp honey into hot mint or lemon tea, mix and enjoy. We recommend sipping your hemp honey to fully enjoy its soothing taste and aroma. Within about thirty minutes of drinking our hot hemp honey tea, we typically begin to notice a comfort within our bodies and our minds which helps us to de-stress and feel at ease readying ourselves for a comfortable nights sleep.

Cost of Hemp Honey

At Zen Life Naturals, you can buy hemp honey as a two ounce jar. Standard retail price is listed at $25.00 per jar, but sale prices, discounts, and more can often be applied to assist with affordability. A two ounce of jar of hemp honey will typically last a customer anywhere from 1-4 weeks with fairly regular consumption.

Hemp honey is an incredibly enjoyable way to add some stress relief and comfort to your life. To buy hemp honey in Tampa Bay, Florida, visit our online store – ZenLifeNaturals.com today to purchase yours.

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