how to get free kratom sample
Finely Ground Kratom Powder

At Zen Life Naturals, one free kratom sample is available to every customer/household in powder form while supplies last. Here’s how to receive yours.

Kratom powder is available in red, white, yellow, and green veins. Some kratom companies even offer unique blends like we do. Whether you’re brand new to kratom, looking to try out a new vendor or simply feel like trying a new product, ordering a free kratom sample is a great option for everyone.

You can order a free sample from Zen Life Naturals directly:

Select the free sample kratom product on our website, add to cart, then checkout.

In the order notes box provided, you can specify your preference for any particular strains you see listed in our online kratom store.

Our samples are typically about 20 grams so that you really can determine whether or not you enjoy our product over the course of a few days.

You will be asked to select a shipping option, the most affordable option is 2.50, but if you’d like to speed up the shipping time, priority mail is typically received by customers within 2-5 business days and is available for the low cost of 7.95.

*Due to an incredibly high demand for our kratom powder samples, there is a small shipping cost associated with the free sample which also includes a tracking code and is sent via USPS first class mail for the affordable cost of 2.50. (Ordinarily the first class mail cost is 3.95).

premium green vein kratom powder

Since every customer is eligible for one free kratom sample only, we have also included an option to purchase some of our harmonized kratom powder blends for just two dollars each. Our harmonized blends include our Zen Chill, Zenergy!, Zenphoria, Peace Love Kratom and Zen Blend kratom powders; each offering a unique mix for you to enjoy. Additionally, you will find the option to choose a sample quantity with any of our premium single strand kratom powder strains.

kratom powder sample

In some special circumstances, we offer can send a sample of our kratom powder capsules and our crushed leaf kratom; we ask that you contact us to request that option as its not available directly through our website.

We offer our free samples to help people in need and to provide a try before you commit to a more substantial purchase. It is our hope that you enjoy our kratom and that with the help of our amazing kratom community, we can spread positive Zen vibes about this magical plant throughout the world.

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