how to get free kratom sample

For anyone knew to kratom, you may be nervous about trying it for the first time. Especially when there is a lot of bad press circulating online regarding this wonderful plant. At Zen Life Naturals, one free kratom sample is available to every customer. Here’s how to receive yours.

Kratom powder is available in red, white, yellow, and green veins. Some kratom companies even offer unique blends. Whether you’re brand new to kratom, looking to try out a new vendor or simply feel like trying a new product, ordering a free kratom sample is a great option for everyone.

You can order a free sample from Zen Life Naturals in several ways:

1. Select the free sample kratom product on our website, add to cart, then checkout. In the order notes box provided, you can specify your preference for any particular strains you see listed in our online kratom store.

2. If you don’t already follow our social media pages, you should! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Send us a private message or leave us a comment to let us know you would like to order a free sample. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to retrieve your shipping info and create a manual sample order for you.

3. Call, text, or email – Visit the contact page of our website to learn the many easy ways to reach out to us. One of the simplest ways to reach us is to send us an email at: In your email subject line, enter the words: ‘Free Sample’.  In the message section, tell us your name and shipping details. If you have a preference for a particular kratom strain, please mention it in your message.

Since every customer is eligible for one free kratom sample only, we have also included an option to purchase some of our harmonized kratom powder blends for just two dollars each. Our harmonized blends include our Zen Chill, Zenergy! and Zen Blend kratom powders; each offering a unique balanced mix of our Maeng Da powders.

Kratom can be a real-life changer for many people. We offer our free samples to help people in need and to provide a try before you commit to a purchase option. It is our hope that you enjoy our kratom and that with the help of our amazing kratom community, we can spread positive Zen vibes about this magical plant throughout the world.

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