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What is the best Kratom strain? This is a question we come across frequently and often from new customers. When choosing a kratom powder to purchase, of course you want to ensure that you are finding the best possible product.

However, the best strain for one customer may not be the best strain for another customer. Since we are all different people, experiencing different situations and living varying lifestyles, it makes sense that it is not quite so easy to call one strain significantly better than another when we may be noticing different results from the same product.

Ultimately, the best strain is the one that suits you best as an individual.
To find the best strain, there are a few steps to take into consideration first.

1. Choose your kratom vendor carefully to ensure quality, safety, and freshness.

2. Your kratom powder should be lab tested and a copy of those results should be available to you upon request.

3. Your kratom powder should have a lot number listed and the facility which provides your kratom should be using good manufacturing processes in a sanitary, temperature-controlled environment to ensure safety and freshness.

4. All shipped kratom products should arrive in a sealed container.

Sometimes, when shopping online, the list of product choices may feel overwhelming. Many kratom stores will list a large variety of strains and color variants for customers to choose from.

In some circumstances, kratom companies like Zen Life Naturals will offer a free kratom powder sample in any strain for new customers to try before they make a commitment to a purchase. In addition to one free sample, Zen Life Naturals offers the option to purchase their harmonized blends for two dollars.

Kratom typically comes offered as a red, green, white, or yellow vein and are often named after the location they grow at. Such as Green Malay (short for Malaysia) Red Borneo, or Yellow Thai (Thailand).

Many people say that red vein promotes pain relief and sedation more than others and that yellow vein is their go to choice for pain relief with a mood lifting sensation. Each person is different and there is no guarantee that any vein will correlate to a specific feeling.


To find the best strain, we suggest reaching out to a kratom company directly to discuss your experience with kratom powder.

Kratom companies like Zen Life Naturals may have personnel and owners with first-hand experience of kratom and living a plant-based lifestyle. As such, they may be a great resource for people new to the kratom plant.

When it comes to kratom, the best strains are natural, lab-tested, and safely manufactured.

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